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Small Things in Small Packages

            There is something wonderful about finding the most efficient path to an objective, finding the simplest solution to a problem. I have a substantial fascination with things being done in small ways; tiny houses are amazing to me, taking … Continue reading

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When the Universal Translator Throws up its Hands and says “Fuckit”

Being part Scottish, I had always figured when I went to Scotland I would understand what they were saying. I mean, I saw Braveheart, I understood all of them. Little did I know few of those actors were actually Scottish; … Continue reading

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Sony Ghost-Announces the Playstation 4

  The new Playstation 4 was unveiled this past week, drawing gamers out from their parent’s basements to see what the next generation of gaming would bring. To most people’s surprise, Sony didn’t actually show the new system, at all. … Continue reading

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Greetings fellow geeks, nerds, dorks, and friends thereof! This is the blog SNAG… Sometime Nerd, Always Geek. I’ve stared up this blog to capture the bits of geekdom that I find interesting, enticing, or even just marginally interesting. Some posts will be … Continue reading

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