Greetings fellow geeks, nerds, dorks, and friends thereof! This is the blog SNAG… Sometime Nerd, Always Geek. I’ve stared up this blog to capture the bits of geekdom that I find interesting, enticing, or even just marginally interesting. Some posts will be in-depth examinations into the various topics, other posts will be one-liners, others yet will likely just be links to news articles written by professional journalists and bloggers.

I do think it should be made clear right from the beginning, that my tastes are varied, and won’t be limited to sci-fi/fantasy. I like scif-fi. I like fantasy. But I also like tech, music, cars, movies, television, books, kayaking, comics, food, camping, hiking, art… really, I just like neat things. So there will be a little bit of all that tied up in here. I also have a couple SNAG friends who will occasionally be donating their views to the site.

So there you go. This will be a place highlighting the geeky/nerdy things of this world that I like. Occasionally mocking them a little bit as well, most likely.

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