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Scotland, Yeargh!

The Scottish will never be able to use voice recognition software. Ever. Clip from the BBS Scotland show “Burnistoun”. Advertisements

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New WRX Concept Begging to get Dirty

In the world of rally racing, Subaru is one of the big names, primarily because of their WRX nameplate. Until now, the WRX has been a modified Impreza, which is Subaru’s compact model. Small, light, nimble, that car in one … Continue reading

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Folding Water

Living in a big city means you have to live small. The larger the city, typically the less personal space you have to work with. It forces people to become creative when needing to fit everything they want into a … Continue reading

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Five Favorite Doctor Who Scenes

I’m a relatively new convert to Dr. Who fandom. Despite my general love of BBC programming, I’d just never taken the time to watch any Who, until a friend insisted I start from the beginning of the rebooted series and … Continue reading

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Top 5 Make-Believe Michael Bay Movie Remakes

I hate Michael Bay movies. Hell I kinda just hate Michael Bay, like quite a lot, for making so many terrible movies. “Armageddon”, terrible movie. “Pearl Harbor”, super terrible movie. “Transformers” and all its ilk, simply awful movies that ruined … Continue reading

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