Five Favorite Doctor Who Scenes

I’m a relatively new convert to Dr. Who fandom. Despite my general love of BBC programming, I’d just never taken the time to watch any Who, until a friend insisted I start from the beginning of the rebooted series and go forward. On threat of a flogging by him if I didn’t, I assume.

I haven’t watched any of the classic Who (minus a random episode here or there) so my Who begins with Christopher Eccleston and goes through to Matt Smith… just three doctors, really, though I do know who Tom Baker is with his fantastic scarf. And really, that’s one fantastic scarf.

Dr. Who is awesome. It is campy, but serious; optimistic, but dark and gloomy. And the writing in the show is almost always well above average.

This isn’t a Top-5 list… I’m not ranking these, and I’m not saying there aren’t many more great lines out there I could have listed. There are… there are many more lines. So here are five of my more favorite quotes from that era of the show.

I’m with the Doctor on this one… if you can pull off a fez, that’s pretty damn cool.

I love this description by River Song about the Doctor in the future. He sounds terrifying, and yet she clearly loves him.

Oh Donna, you kill me. Such wonderful joy at doing something so disturbing.

Back to being serious, here’s a discussion about the Doctor from one of his victims. You know how he sounded terrifying when River Song talked about him? Well here he sounds outright horrifying.

You know how I said earlier I wasn’t ranking these? I may have lied. This scene gets me every single time. It’s perfect. And tell me you don’t want to see him walk close to a chicken with that thing?
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