Folding Water


Living in a big city means you have to live small. The larger the city, typically the less personal space you have to work with. It forces people to become creative when needing to fit everything they want into a small space.

Out in the countryside, with acres to play with, people don’t have to think ahead about if they have enough space to keep something when buying it. But in the city, with average apartment sizes probably floating somewhere around 700 square feet or less, size matters. Size always matters.

Size Matters Bro

Which makes a huge difference in the amount of toys you can keep. And if you’re a kayaker, it pretty much means, unless you manage to secure one of the rarely available kayak slips on the Hudson river, you’re pretty much out of luck in keeping your kayak handy. And even then, how would you get it out of your place and to the water?


Enter Oru Kayaks, true genius folded up into a tiny package. Founded in San Francisco, where apartments may be even smaller than in NYC, designer and founder Anton Willis was inspired by origami to create a kayak for himself after a move to the city forced him to store his kayak. Along with co-founder Ardy Sobhani’s business experience, they set out to start up a kayak company for city dwellers. Honestly, I hope to meet them some day, because their final product is pure brilliance.


I love this idea. I love the simplicity, the ingenuity, the fact that you can store a full kayak and paddle underneath your sofa.

The business launch kayak is a 12-footer, but a promised future touring model will hopefully be available soon. I imagine it’ll take up a little more space, but with any luck it could still fit under the couch. I picture it collecting all your loose change in-between trips.

Anyway, enjoy the photos, all courtesy of Oru Kayak (that I shamelessly pulled off their website and Facebook page). And afterwards, go to their website and read up on their full story (and no, I’m in no way affiliated with them, at all). Their Facebook page has many more really fantastic photos on it as well, and it’s well worth going through them. And if anyone wants to buy me an early birthday present, this is a great idea.


In its natural environment, the waters around New York City.

Oru4 Oru7

It’s translucent, which makes for some easy night time kayaking. Or if not easier, certainly a lot prettier. Also, it’ll freak out the fish.


Super portable. Everything fits in that package, including the paddle.


It appears fairly capable as well, though I’d actually have to get in one to know for sure. The hard chined Greenland hull should make for really great characteristics on the water.

Go check out their site!

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