New WRX Concept Begging to get Dirty

In the world of rally racing, Subaru is one of the big names, primarily because of their WRX nameplate. Until now, the WRX has been a modified Impreza, which is Subaru’s compact model. Small, light, nimble, that car in one variation or another has won the World Rally Championship driver’s title three times; in 1995, 2001, and 2003. It also won the World Rally Championship manufacturer’s title three times in a row from 1995 to 1997. And it’s won the Rallycross Championship regularly in the 21st Century, with wins in 2001, 2006-2009, 2011, and 2012. In other words, the car is a beast.

That said, it’s also an ugly beast. It’s never been a really attractive car. The first generation is arguably (by me, since I’m the one writing this) the most attractive of the WRX’s. It’s mildly agressive looking without looking mean, which makes it attractive but a bit boring.

WRX - Gen 1
Not terrible. The looks hold up over two decades after its initial release.

The second generation WRX  was, simply, hideous. Honestly. The designers at Subaru decided, apparently, that they should base their new Impreza’s looks on a scared bug. It was never attractive. They tried cleaning it up with facelift’s throughout the years, but it never really lost its base hideousness.

WRK - bugeye

Seriously? Who green-lit this thing? Because they should be flogged.

So with the third generation, Subaru realized its mistake and decided to go in a different direction: fat and boring.

WRX - Gen 3b

I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can’t deny.

However, Subaru has been looking forward. Even though the 4th generation WRX is yet to come, and will be based on the 4th gen Impreza (also fat and boring, but even more so), for the 5th generation Subaru has decided to split the WRX marque off onto its own platform, finally distancing it from the everyday looks of the Impreza. At the most recent New York International Auto Show, the new WRX concept was shown off, and yowza, what a looker. Agressive, mean, chomping at the bit, the new WRX looks like it was designed and born for the rally circuit, not a street car that has been modified for the dirt. Here’s hoping that Subaru doesn’t change a thing in terms of looks when the car in finally released, because this thing is freaking gorgeous.


Rawr! Gives me the dirt, I eats it.


Are you lookin’ at me? Because I will mess you up.
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