Brooklyn Nerdtanic Garden Festival

New York City is awesome. On any random day, something amazing is happening somewhere in the city. Somewhere, at any point of any day, there is outstanding nerdery going on.

Take this past Sunday for example. Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) was having their annual cherry blossom festival Sakura Matsuri celebration, which is the final weekend of Hanami. BBG has hundreds of cherry trees of varying breeds planted, and the blooming season lasts well over a month. It’s truly a stunning display during the height of the season, and BBG takes advantage of this colorful cultivated backdrop to celebrate not just the trees, but also Japanese culture as a whole.

Well, the cool bits of it at least; this year, in addition to the Taiko drumming, Manga was a theme. And not only did I pick up a nerdtastic Star Fox T-Shirt (based on this print by Jed Henry, who does traditional woodblock art of classic videogame characters), cosplayers were out in force. It was just wonderfully geeky and joyful.  So enjoy a small selection of photos of the many fantastic outfits that were on display.


No idea who these two represent, but her outfit is outlandishly well done.


Link Cosplay? Freaking awesome.


I’m assuming the giant tail means this is some sort of Pokemon.


I’m especially impressed by the “Japanese Tourist with Camera Draped Around Neck” outfit the girl in the center is sporting.


Even cosplayers need to take the occasional smoke break.
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2 Responses to Brooklyn Nerdtanic Garden Festival

  1. Justin says:

    Seems you had some fun. I really should try and go eventually…(I never do -_-)

  2. snerdageek says:

    You should totally go! You’ll have a great time. The cosplay alone makes it worth it.

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