Ender’s Game Teaser for the Teaser for the Trailer for the Movie

Enders Game Banner

Despite the fact that Orson Scott Card is a humongous douchenozzle, his book “Ender’s Game” remains one of my all-time favorite books. I’ve read it many, many times, though I’m not sure exactly how many times; I lost track after my 20th read through.

Growing up, this book had everything for me. A young, smart, protagonist, with very strong supporting characters. A fantastic sci-fi adventure in a well thought out universe. A coming of age story in a militaristic world. And the book has held up well as I’ve aged, even if stupid OSC has retconned certain bits of it to make himself seem more forward looking than he really is.

Anyway, “they” have been talking about making an Ender movie pretty much since the book came out, but it wasn’t until now that they’ve actually managed to go and do so. Will they mess it up? Will the story be the same? What will they leave out? At this point… who knows.

But, to tease us into getting more excited about the movie, the studio released a preview trailer for the upcoming first preview trailer (that’s a thing studios do now, apparently), and I have to say I’m getting a little hopeful. The few very short scenes look great, and most importantly the zero-g shot in the battle room looks perfect. And Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham, I have to admit, fits the role perfectly.

EG - Mazer

It could be a fantastic pile of suck, or it could be great. Until we know more, there’s just no telling. But consider me properly teased. Now sit back and enjoy the trailer.

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