Top Five reasons Warehouse 13 is a fantastic show


Alternate title: “Shows You Should be Watching. But Aren’t: Warehouse 13”

Word came down from on high the other day that Warehouse 13 was going to end after next season, which would only be 6 episodes long. Generally, five seasons of a show is a good run, though with cable’s shorter seasons that’s less the case nowadays. Especially if that final season is only 6 episodes.

Six episodes. To put that in context that is 25% of a broadcast network season. Not really a full season then. We lucked out with the 4th season getting 20 episodes, and the writers took full advantage of that with an engaging story of madness and choosing the lesser of two evils, and the consequences of those two topics. But the first three seasons were the typical 12 or 13 episodes long.

So to make a short story long, let us just say that Warehouse 13 still has a lot of life left in it. Which all boils down to; SyFy’s announcement that they’re going to cancel the show means, I have the sad.

W13 - Sad

And you should too, because Warehouse 13 is one of the best shows on television. Here are the top five reasons, aside from the generally great writing, why:

1.  The women on the show aren’t just there to be slept with by men. They are smart, intelligent, capable, and independent. They don’t spend their time pining over the men, wondering why “he never called me back”. None of that shit. None. They are strong, real, believable characters. The show easily passes the Bechdel Test ( ) in every single episode. They aren’t defined by the men around them, but by themselves. And honestly, there aren’t many shows or movies on right now, or ever, that can claim anything even remotely close to this.

W13 - Women

Every single one of these women is not here to have sex with you.  

2.  There’s a gay character on the show, and they don’t make a big deal about it. Steve Jinks (a.k.a “Jinksy”, a.k.a. “Poopy Pants”) is a former ATF agent who was brought onto the team to replace Myka when she left for a bit, and stayed on after she came back. He was then partnered up with Claudia, and there appeared to be some tension between the two. Until, that is, he explained to her that he was gay, and wasn’t hitting on her. And… that was that. No big deal. They became friends and moved on. The character isn’t defined by his sexuality, but by his actions and beliefs. He isn’t the token “gay friend”. The same could be said for Pete and his alcoholism… it’s part of him, but doesn’t define him. Again, there aren’t many shows or movies out there where this is the case.

W13 - Pete
This is the straight alcoholic one, BTW.

3.  The two main characters aren’t a couple, and won’t end up a couple. Listen, I loved it as much as the next person when Castle and Beckett finally got together on “Castle”, but let’s be honest, this happens all the time in television shows, and usually is not good for the show. Also, this almost never happens in real life. Why? Because, as a general rule, we hate the people we work with. Because it’s work, not pleasure. And chances are, the person you’re working with, no matter how hot he/she is, has done something to make your job significantly harder more often than not, and likely has pissed you off so badly enough times you’ve actually thought about spraying down their cubicle with cat urine (no? no one else? That’s just me? … huh…).

W13 - Spray 

Aaaahhhhhahahahahahahahahaha! Take this urine, take it and like it!   

Aaaaaaaanyway, yeah, it’s just nice to see two main characters who actually like each other, and aren’t just there to eventually end up sleeping together.

Warehouse 13

Completely, totally uninterested in boinking each other.  

4.  There’s a scary governing shadow agency… that’s not actually scary at all.

Yup. The “Regents” are the group of individuals that oversee the Warehouse. They answer to no one and no government. They have absolute discretion, with an enormous warehouse full of the world’s most powerful items at their disposal, and could easily control the destiny of the entire planet to suit their personal ends. And yet… they aren’t evil. They’re just there to make sure things keep running smoothly, that the Earth isn’t destroyed, that everything is kept safe, and they do so while working in cooperation with the government. That’s it. Yes, they do it in a creepy way, Mrs. Frederic’s ability to appear and disappear at will is just not right (and, I might add, very Batman-esque), and Adwin Kosan is just kind of generally unsettling. But really, in the end, they’re the good guys. 

W13 - Regent 

Who me? Naw, I’m harmless. I promise. I have no desire to strangle babies and kick puppies. Nope. None. Swear.  

5.  The excellent sci-fi references and cameos throughout the series.  Seriously, try to make it through an episode without finding at least a few good references to other geeky goodness. I dare you. And the cameos, with Spike (James Marsters) from Buffy, apparently the entire cast of Star Trek: Voyager (with Odo and Data thrown in for good measure), both Kaylee and Simon Tam (Jewel Staite and Sean Maher) from Firefly, and Romo Lampkin (Mark Sheppard) from BSG and every other show ever, the show was packed with our favorite geeky actors. The show is just a nerd-egg-hunter’s delight.

W13 - Spike 

Before you shoot me, can I just mention that I’m not actually an immortal vampire? I just played one on TV.  

There are numerous other excellent reasons to watch the show. Like I said earlier, the writing is great. Also, it’s a generally hopeful show, unlike most other sci-fi out there right now. So, honestly, just go watch Warehouse 13 already. Or watch it again, if you’ve already watched it once.

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