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Think for a Moment About the Concept of Flamethrower Bagpipes

Possibly, just possibly, I have a slight obsession with Scotland. Mainly because it’s awesome, and they have kilts and bagpipes. But also because they inspire stuff like this guy: Flaming. Bagpipes. Playing. AC/DC. I don’t even really like AC/DC (I … Continue reading

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We are Canadians. You will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile.

I have a theory. And that is: Canadians are taking over our entertainment industry in Hollywood. I pass no judgement on this, in fact I’m quite pleased with the level of talent they have brought to TV and movies over … Continue reading

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Supercell Superstorm is Superawesome

Phoenix based photographer Mike Olbinski spent four years chasing storms through the plains states, hoping to capture some photos of spectacular weather. That all paid off recently when he was in the right place at the right time for the … Continue reading

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On “Geek” Versus “Nerd”

Originally posted on Slackpropagation:
To many people, “geek” and “nerd” are synonyms, but in fact they are a little different. Consider the phrase “sports geek” — an occasional substitute for “jock” and perhaps the arch-rival of a “nerd” in high-school…

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NASA ISS Expedition 36 Launch Photos

The ISS recently welcomed its 36th crew (those folks above). And though that means that Chris Hadfield is back on Earth and no longer floating around and entertaining us with his sultry voice, NASA was kind enough to start off … Continue reading

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