Television Premiere Dates – 2013-14 Season – Week 2

TV nerds, more season/series premiere dates for ya. Not much appeals to me this coming week, but here are a few shows of note (with added commentary):

Monday 9/16:
8PM – FOX – Bones (I’m seriously considering giving this show up… it was just terrible last season)
9PM – FOX – Sleepy Hollow (My wife put it best: “Wait, that’s *not* a CW show? How is that show not on the CW?”)

Tuesday 9/17:
8:30PM – FOX – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (I probably won’t watch it, but for 30 minute comedy fans, it has a really good cast, so probably worth checking out)

Friday 9/20:
9PM – PBS – The Hollow Crown (BBC produced Shakespeare on PBS… you could do a lot worse… in fact, if watched anything else on TV this week you did)

That’s all the stuff this week that I even remotely care about. I’m sure some shitty reality shows start too, but fuck those things.

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