Television Premiere Dates – 2013-14 Season – Week 5

TV geeks, it’s a CW Network-heavy lineup this week, with a few other shows of note out there. Also of note is that three of the new shows this week are either spin-offs, or an in-series spinoffy rebooty thingamajig.

Tuesday 10/8:
8PM – CW – The Originals (A “Vampire Diaries” spinoff, set in New Orleans. I’ve heard that VD is a fun show, though I’ve never seen it. Who knows though if this will be any good or not.)
9PM – CW – Supernatural (Another show I haven’t seen, but is supposed to be good. Maybe one day I’ll catch up.)

Wednesday 10/9:
8PM – CW – Arrow (I’ve been saying a lot recently that the CW Network is making legitimately good shows, and this is probably the best example of that right now. This show is thoughtful, complex, action-packed, fun, serious, funny… it’s really quite good.)
9PM – CW – The Tomorrow People (Based on the British show of the same name (that itself had three different series… first in the 1970’s, then again in the 90’s, and then again in the mid 00’s), it’s about people evolving special powers… given the CW’s track record, and the fact that it’s based on a British show, I’d give this show good odds to be pretty great.)
10PM – FX – American Horror Story: The Coven (This is the in-series reboot-spinoff thingy… the third season of the show once again brings an all new story. I know a few people who are absolutely crazy about this show, though yet again I haven’t watched it myself.)

Thursday 10/10:
8PM – ABC – Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (A spinoff of OUaT, I really like the first show. Who knows if this will be any good or not though.)

Sunday 10/13:
9PM – AMC – The Walking Dead (Zombies are back! Woohoo!)

So there’s my list for this week. Looks like I have to get to programming my DVR.

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