Television Premiere Dates – 2013-14 Season – Final Post

OK TV nerds:

So first I should point out that there are a few more shows worth quickly mentioning premiering soon (or that just premiered)… White Collar on USA just aired a couple days ago; Grimm and Dracula on NBC both premiere on October 25th at 9PM and 10PM; Almost Human premieres on FOX on November 4that 8PM; Atlantis airs on BBC America on November 23rd; and finally Ripper Street premieres on BBC America on December 1st at 10PM.

Now, here are a few of my thoughts about some of the shows I mentioned the past couple of weeks.

Legend of Korra: I’m liking it a lot better than the first season, and I liked the first season. It has a more epic scale feel to it.

Bones: Better than last season, by a long shot. Still don’t think it’s nearly as good as it used to be though. In fact, I’d still call it pretty bad. For now though, it remains on the DVR.

Sleepy Hollow: It’s a terrible show, but a well made terrible show with good acting (especially the main dude), and a legitimately great ability to be creepy. So it never made it to the DVR, but I have been watching it on Hulu.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I watched the first episode, but no episode after that. Sounds like I’m not the only one who did that either, as the ratings dropped significantly, and it’s likely to get cancelled.

Castle: Loving this season… they handled the cliffhanger from last season really well. Probably the show I’m most enjoying on TV right now.

Hostages: I’ve been watching it on Hulu… the story is just too ridiculous to be even slightly believable. Also, the show should have ended after the very first episode. It’ll probably be cancelled, no real loss.

Blacklist: It’s really pretty darn good. It still makes me laugh that NBC has two Red Dragon based shows, but honestly they’re both good so good on them. And James Spader is amazeballs.

SHIELD: Honestly? It’s just good, not great. But I’ve been enjoying it. And since it’s a Joss show, I expect it to keep improving and eventually get great.

Person of Interest: As good as always, and the addition of Root as a cast regular is a smart move, because that character (and actor) is awesome.

Glee: I never started the new season… just couldn’t work up the energy to care about it again enough to watch it. So it’s been dropped from my viewing. (Katherine is still planning on watching it though… eventually)

Grey’s Anatomy: Still stupid. Still ridiculous. Still super fun.

Michael J. Fox: I watched the first episode. Not bad actually. I’m still not really into 30 minute shows, but this one was pretty good. And MJF still has it. The pacing and writing made me think of an Aaron Sorkin show, but on speed… witty, smart, snarky, but reeeeeealy fast. Still, I doubt I’ll be continuing watching it.

So there you go.

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