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The Horrible Phenomenon of Twin Movies

There’s an odd phenomenon in movies, something that happens far more often than probable to chalk it up to pure coincidence. It’s been referred to as “Twin Films”, and you have without question noticed it before. Simply put, a Twin … Continue reading

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Yoda Says: “Better idea for prequel movies, these are.”

If you’re anything like me, you know that there have been only 3 Star Wars movies. Just three. THREE. Those more recent abominations were just fan-fic that somehow got greenlit by the movie studios. But are they actualy Star Wars … Continue reading

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2 minute movie review: Europa Report

For those unaware of the new movie “Europa Report”, which very likely is almost every single one of you, pay attention: this is a movie you want to see. The movie, a near-future, found footage style science fiction movie, follows … Continue reading

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A not-so-brief rundown of the Ender’s Game movie controversy.

There’s something interesting happening surrounding the Ender’s Game movie, and quite frankly I’ve been debating whether I should bring it up on this site. I’ve wanted to keep S.N.A.G. relatively lighthearted, and free from politics. But in this case, the … Continue reading

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We are Canadians. You will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile.

I have a theory. And that is: Canadians are taking over our entertainment industry in Hollywood. I pass no judgement on this, in fact I’m quite pleased with the level of talent they have brought to TV and movies over … Continue reading

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Ender’s Game Teaser for the Teaser for the Trailer for the Movie

Despite the fact that Orson Scott Card is a humongous douchenozzle, his book “Ender’s Game” remains one of my all-time favorite books. I’ve read it many, many times, though I’m not sure exactly how many times; I lost track after … Continue reading

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Top 5 Make-Believe Michael Bay Movie Remakes

I hate Michael Bay movies. Hell I kinda just hate Michael Bay, like quite a lot, for making so many terrible movies. “Armageddon”, terrible movie. “Pearl Harbor”, super terrible movie. “Transformers” and all its ilk, simply awful movies that ruined … Continue reading

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